Importance of agriculture in Nepal

Our country Nepal has more villages than towns. Most of the people are farmers. They depend on agriculture which is the backbone of the country, and supplies people with the daily needs. Unless Nepal can develop agricultural sectors, the upliftment of the country is impossible.

Agricultural sector provide us many things. Firstly, we can get our food agriculture. We can get crops, vegetables, fruits, etc from our farms. But in our country, agricultural sector has not been given a high priority. Most of the farmers apply traditional methods of farming because most of them are not well-trained and educated. By following traditional methods, they cannot have good production. Some of the farmers who are trained apply modern methods and get more benefits. The facilities of irrigation, modern-fertilizers, improved seeds and safe storage aren’t sufficient. We realize that the solutions to these problems have been applied; that’s why these problems can be solved in future.

Agricultural feeds us supplying with daily needs. The development of the country depends on agricultural upliftment. Unless an agro-based country can feed it’s people, development is certainly impossible. If the country has to import foods from other countries, it’s money goes away; and by the result, development paces very slowly. If we produce more crops, vegetables and fruits than we need, we can export them to other countries to earn foreign currency. Agricultural development provides people daily needs, increases exports and decreases imports.
More than 68% of the people are employed in agricultural sectors. If we can develop it properly, the problem of unemployment is easily solved. In Nepal, there are some industries which are based on agricultural products. It provides raw materials to agriculture-based industries. Furthermore, some raw materials for cottage industries can be provided from agriculture.

Thus agricultural development in Nepal is very important to provide daily needs to the People, increase exports, cut down imports, solve the problem of unemployment and provide raw materials to some industries. The development of the country depends on the agricultural development. The government and responsible sectors should give the top-most priority to agricultural development.

Writer: Sanjana Chhetri

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